June Gloom? The Transfer Waiting Game is nearly Over!

June Gloom? The Transfer Waiting Game is nearly Over!

Our transfer applicants originate from vastly diverse backgrounds. Many students transfer after a 12 months or two at a community college, others from four-year institutions. In either case, we tell prospective transfer students that applying to USC is an individual process. The decision to move is the part that is easy. Navigating through the requirements and understanding the articulation process, though, requires just a little more concentration. Happy for you, we’ve written a weblog that simplifies it.
So we are very nearly to June. You’ve got done your research, read through the Transfer Brochure, contrasted course catalogues, read your articulation agreement/history, been in touch with your territory manager, and lastly submitted the job. Now you are waiting to hear from us. Some of your friends have received choices, but most of you are still waiting. There is that lingering worry of finding housing, securing financial aid, establishing which credits will transfer, plus the list goes on.
Looking forward, I’ve included testimonies from three transfer students (below) who discuss the change procedure into USC. These are students who have skilled the anxiety that is same but have moved forward and are currently enjoying their time at USC. Take comfort in the fact that other people have actually travelled this road and have now been successful.

‘Adapting to a brand new environment was difficult at first, especially with such a large student population, but getting involved in the Greek community and other student organizations helped me feel at home.’ Steve Yang ’13

‘Surprisingly my transition had been very easy. I surely could connect to pupils and obtain involved in different organizations on campus. In the beginning I had been intimidated by the larger classroom and campus sizes, but orientation aided me look beyond all of this.’ Aleek Sherikian ’13

‘Nothing could’ve prepared me personally for the shock we felt during my semester that is first at. First, the sheer human body of knowledge that each student brought into the classrooms was frightening, so terrifying that I really questioned my very own ability to succeed only at that school. These students had abilities that are exceptional. 2nd, the class room standards and expectations were raised a complete lot higher than I expected. It took me nearly 2 complete semesters to adjust to this new academic rigors. Third, the new social environment was various. I felt such as a small fish in an ocean of sharks. But that was due to my own insecurities. What we love most about being truly a Trojan is that we take care of our own. A lot of students saw through my shyness and insecurities and welcomed me as friend, a colleague, and a brother. I cannot see myself anywhere else but at USC.’ Poly Chuong ’14

By 3rd you will receive either a decision or a request for your spring grades june. The wait is almost over so hang in there!

I make you with these final terms:

‘we will say that awaiting a decision was effortlessly the most part that is difficult of application procedure. The wait is totally worth it!’ Poly Chuong ’14

‘School’s Out for Summer’: Tips for Visiting Colleges During Summer Break

Summer is finally here! Or it’ll be quickly for all students around the united states. It’s finally time to relax a little bit from the challenges of AP courses, balancing the demands of various extracurricular activities, and finding time for you to complete homework, spending some time with your family, and in addition have a life that is social. Summer is just a well-deserved time for you to recover and mirror on the past year that is academic.

Believe it or perhaps not, this is also a great opportunity for high college students to begin or continue their university search process. No, I’m not suggesting you spend your entire summer break working in your college essays (although spending some time brainstorming can’t harm!). Visiting college campuses during the college year can often be difficult, that will be why taking advantage of campus tours during summer time break is really a excuse that is great combine a trip with an university visit!

If you do end up colleges that are visiting your summer, below are a few tips getting the many away from your experience:

  • Sign up for an official campus check out. At USC, we encourage pupils to produce a campus visit booking online in order to guarantee their spot. Our campus visit programs are often filled to capacity, therefore it’s crucial to reserve early for you and any visitors that might accompany you. Many colleges have actually some form of campus visit registration process on their website or perhaps you can also call their workplace.
  • Do some research! Before you spend hours for an unfamiliar college campus, do some research that is basic. Does this college have educational majors you’re interested in? Where is the campus located? You’re not expected to have all the answers prior to foot that is stepping campus, but it’s helpful to come in with an over-all understanding for the college you’ll be touring. This will also help you think about some questions you could possibly get answered during your visit.
  • Explore the campus and surrounding areas on your own. The campus that is formal programs that colleges offer can seem all-encompassing, nonetheless it could be beneficial to wander around by yourself. Eat a dinner within the learning student cafeteria. Lay on a bench and observe how students interact with one another on campus. Visit the bookstore. Always check out any cafes near campus where you might spend time studying or working on team projects. Sit in on a class, if it’s available. Some campuses can supply you with a list of classes that day that one may observe. Other universities may need to contact professors in advance to get permission for potential students to sit in on that course. When you make your campus check out registration, talk with someone at that college to see should this be a chance.
  • Interact with current pupils. These are the social people you will be sitting next to in class, learning with, as well as perhaps socializing during your 4 years. It is critical to obtain a sense of how current students feel about the college and how their experience happens to be thus far. Are they pleased? Do they feel supported by the educational school and their professors? Do they feel challenged academically yet still have enough time to own a balance between play and work? Whatever concerns are important to you regarding the student experience, ask away. Being able to visualize your self in college is one thing; being able to visualize yourself being comfortable, pleased, and effective at a college that is specific another.

Many colleges will never be since busy during the summer you may not always have the option to interact with students, observe a class, etc. during the summer months as they are during the school year since the majority of students are typically not attending classes or even living on campus, so. If you go to a campus during the summer and fall in love along with it, consider coming back once again to campus at a later date so you can feel the campus power during the hustle and bustle of a school day.

Even if your summer plans don’t include college visits, you can still spend some right time getting ultimately more information online. Devote some time to explore the pictures and video tours provided online for individual colleges. Check out what other prospective pupils are asking about on the college’s Facebook page. And use resources like this admission blog to your benefit, be it simply to get more information or to ask questions that are specific. That’s what we’re here for!

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